“Thoughts and Actions”

“Thoughts and Actions”

“You know there is a gap between your thoughts & your actions. You also
know that this gap which is created is crucial as most people fail due to this
delay. You may get a lot of ideas, you might also want to fulfill getting many
things done, however, you also know how you have failed to execute them.
The whole idea here is to work on minimizing this gap.  Make sure your
thoughts < your actions. If you really want to grow & keep reaching higher
levels, you just have to minimize this gap. So how will you do it? Here are a
few simple steps –
1. Be Rational! Thoughts and ideas are natural, but which one can be
implemented is an intellectual process. Be realistic about your dreams,
goals & ideas.
2. Be Analytic!
Analyse your SWOT, resources and most importantly yourself before you
jump in.
3. Be a Planner!
Plan it thoroughly. People fail in execution because they fail in planning.
I mean “Good Planning”.
4. Fail, Fail Fast.
Don’t stretch. No thoughts, ideas or plans are ever perfect. Everything is
crude, you have to process it quickly and move on.
5. Learn-Relearn.
Don’t stop this amazing ability to learn. Keep learning from your mistakes
and implement the learning.
6. The Golden Rule:  Keep moving. Don’t quit. Warriors don’t win because
of their fighting skills; they win because they fight till their last breath.
Vikrant Bhujbalrao,
Startup Mentor | Motivator | Investor | Author | Speaker | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur.

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