“Success is costly, that’s the reason very few people can afford it”

“Success is costly, that’s the reason very few people can afford it”

Almost, every other person wants to be successful. Many wish to be millionaires.
Majority of the people wants to succeed in their lives; professionally/personally.
But, very few people reach to those levels; as “success” is costly, it is not
everyone’s cup of tea. Many desires, but very few deserves. To achieve anything,
you need to analyse its cost. You have to pay the cost, no matter you analysed it
or gone with the flow. Ask to those who made millions of dollars, ask to those
who created something big, ask to those who are running successful companies
and brands for decades, ask to those who are love married. If you wanna be
successful, understand its cost, analyse its prerequisite. Prepare yourself for
the cost, afford it!   

Vikrant Bhujbalrao,

Startup Mentor | Motivator | Investor | Author | Speaker | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur.

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