About the Book:

This book is for all those who don’t know there is also a better gratifying career choice, “Being an Entrepreneur’ apart from traditional ‘Govt. Jobs, Dr., Engineer, IT, MPSC, & banking.’ This book is also for aspiring/budding Entrepreneurs, Wannapreneurs & all those who are super excited about this career choice. Still, they don’t know it’s exact criteria, yes there is eligibility! This book will be a great inspiration for students, IT professionals, other working professionals, & those who are looking for making great money. This book is also for all early-stage startup founders who have just started their business. Lastly, this book is also for those who jumped in the business without any family business background, or skipped to on-board any Mentor, struggling to figure out the exact roadmap for success. This book will also give a resonating kick to all the existing, established business owners who have gone through immense learnings in a hard way.

In this book, you will learn about a grand, rewarding career choice, ‘Entrepreneurship’ in the initial chapters & what are the first crucial 7 steps one should carefully take before blindly jumping into it under the assumption that life will be a hunky-dory. This book will give you exact tips on what all things need to be taken care of, what is that initial homework required before you start your business so that you don’t fail like other 99%, (that’s what Forbes also said).

This book will also guide you on what are the common mistakes which usually Entrepreneurs commit, especially the newbies or immature founders before jumping into business & how you can start up your business with a 99% chance of success, (1% is your luck, boss)!