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“Hey Entrepreneur, Your numbers tell your story better!”

I have some brilliant ideas. I am thinking of something which nobody would have thought. I have such a great plan that 1 day I will be a millionaire! In the next 3 years, we are going to do this, we will achieve that in next 5 years……. Yes, lots of you might be on the same track. You might be ambitious, optimistic, motivated enough, believing in yourself. You might be putting a lot of efforts. Hold on! That’s not sufficient. Ultimately, in business, the numbers speak, and they speak really louder as they speak the truth. They are more realistic, more realistic than your ideas, more realistic than your plans, more realistic than your dreams. They have a better convincing story to share as it is more factual. This story of your numbers has a to either take you to greater levels or bring you down. This story has a magnetism to attract customers/investors/resources. So, listen to the story created by your numbers, they are your bosses, they are your mentors.potential 

“Businesses never fail’s unless the founders quit”

99% of startups fail; as per Forbes. 95% of businesses fail’s within first 5 years of operations. Don’t you think that they are many products/services/concepts are not worth, but yet people pay, yet we buy. There are many such examples of products which we actually don’t need, but we purchase. And there are many good ideas, great products which fail miserably.

The funda is straight. The success or failure of any business directly depends on the appetite and the threshold of the Entrepreneur. Unless the founder quit, there is always a scope for him to succeed. Even if the product is not accepted by the market, even if he don’t have enough funding and resources to sustain, even if he don’t have anyone to support his mission, still he has a chance to keep going, keep moving forward, keep learning, keep unlearning, keep pivoting, keep improving, keep trying, keep trying unless he succeed(That’s what we learned from childhood right, “Try Try until you succeed”)

“Entrepreneurs need to be gamblers first, innovators later!”

IPodiPad, Mac, Steve Jobs…… You think that mearge innovation is sufficient to succeed as an entrepreneur? 

That’s a misconception! Entrepreneurs, real, successful ones are those who know the art of gambling. Entrepreneurs need to be gamblers first. As an Entrepreneur, you are supposed to take risks, play money, gamble it. You need to build your skill of betting. You have to bet on yourself, you have to bet on your product, you have to bet on your team, you have to bet on your decisions, you have to bet on your strategies. You have to keep betting. That’s your KRA!

“Hey Entrepreneur, YOU have an opportunity. Your customer is in problem”

Your customer is complaining? He is giving negative reviews on social networks? He is yelling? He is dissatisfied? Great news! You have an opportunity dear! Carefully, think, your customer is in problem. He clearly shares his pain point, he is giving you a perfect hint of a product idea, for service improvement, for competing better. He is giving you insights, he is signaling YOU to analyze, to rework.

 Your job is to listen, to read between the lines, to understand (in depth), to solve his problem, to help him, to satisfy him, to make him happy. Grab the opportunity!

“A founder is the Jockey & his idea is his horse” #Startup

It’s a myth or a misconception that investors invests on “Ideas”. Investors are rich people who love smart people! They fund to the brains, they invest on doers. Money is gambled on Jockeys, not horses; as Jockeys drive horses, similarly, funds are invested on the founders as they are passionate, they drive it, they make it big. The passion and perseverance of founder are primaryIdea & its potential is secondary; as even if there is no potential for the idea, a passion of the founder can create it. The game is about the “Jockey” and not the ‘Horse’.

“Your ideas are your intellectual properties, encash it” #Startup

“I have an Idea!!!”, this is one of the best mental state (if you have got ideas), when you conceive ideas, or when you get ideas in your mind. It’s like an intellectual orgasm! You might be discussing these ideas with your friends/colleagues & like minded ones, but are you able to encash those? Your idea is your “property” as, only you have the power to conceive it, you have the capabilities to think, to imagine, to visualize something which others are not able to.  That’s your asset. It’s similar like YOUR land, your house, your stock, etc. It’s yours! It’s your intellectual property and its your job to protect it, & encash it.

“Entrepreneurs don’t have too many friends; as they are busy changing the world!”

They are a different breed, they are not for ‘themselves’, they are for others. Entrepreneurs, might not have too many friends to hang out, to chitchat, to pass the time. They are the lonely cops because they are too occupied. They are tied up, in identifying the problems, finding solutions to those problems, creating jobs, inspiring generations, building teams, creating leaders, satisfying customers.Their bandwidths are locked in ideations, brainstorming, meeting people, interacting, learning, unlearning. They have to keep planning, implementing. They are enjoying their work, they love, what they do!

If you are an Entrepreneur, if you are also feeling lonely, don’t worry, you are born to change the world, keep doing for your school/college friends who are can’t! Or if you are desperate, connect with Entrepreneurs, as they can be your friends!

“Businesses succeed on common sense; which is not so common”

Don’t you think that Google has simply created a search engine which helps users to get easy access to information? Have you not given thought that Coke is just a Cola drink, which is like a thirst quencher with some sugary taste? Do you really think that Instagram is a billion dollar idea or a rocket science complex technology? Flipkart for that matter!

All the successful businesses, people have 1 thing in common(which is actually not so common), i.e. Common Sense! A common sense says, your business idea/product/service is actually for customers, not for YOU. If it solves some problems of your customer, if it is making their lives better, they pay, period! If you use your common sense to observe and identify what exactly people want (which keeps on changing as you know change is inevitable) and you provide them a value, at the best deal, you will succeed!

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