“Difficulties pretend to be impossibilities”

“Difficulties pretend to be impossibilities”

It look like it’s impossible, but thats myth, an illusion. The difficulties portray as
if they are impossibilities, but they are not. Yes, nothing is impossible, and
yeah the word itself says, “I M POSSIBLE”. As you are reading this, ask your
judgemental mind to shut up as soon as it gives you stupid examples of
some impossible stuffs. (As actor Sharman Joshi, in 3 Idiots proves that a
toothpaste is impossible to put back in the tube, that’s pessimism).
Come on! It’s about the risks you are avoiding, its about those decisions
which you are procrastinating, it’s about those new initiatives which you are
postponing because they are difficult, they are hard, they are tough, they
might push you to get out of your comfort zone.
They are surely possible, you can at least try and then come to a conclusion.
You can definitely make it possible!

Vikrant Bhujbalrao,

Startup Mentor | Motivator | Investor | Author | Speaker | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur.

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