“Businesses succeed on common sense; which is not so common”

“Businesses succeed on common sense; which is not so common”

Don’t you think that Google has simply created a search engine which helps users to get easy access to information? Have you not given thought that Coke is just a Cola drink which is like a thirst quencher with some sugary taste? Do you really think that Instagram is a billion dollar idea or a rocket science complex technology? Flipkart for that matter!

All the successful businesses, people have 1 thing in common;(which is actually not so common), i.e. Common Sense! A common sense says, your business idea/product/service is actually for customers, not for YOU. If it solves some problems of your customer, if it is making their lives better, they pay, period! If you use your common sense to observe and identify what exactly people want(which keeps on changing as you know change is inevitable) and you provide them a value, at the best deal, you will succeed!
Vikrant Bhujbalrao,

Startup Mentor | Motivator | Investor | Author | Speaker | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur.

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