Our Mission

Mission is to change the world, Period!

We are on the mission to create community of inspired, happy, successful, wealthy, peaceful lives with purpose.

By 2022 empowering 10000 Entrepreneurs through inspiring, mentoring, funding & connecting people & inspiring 1 millions lives through motivational programs, 1 to 1 personal coaching & events. 

Our Vision

About Us

A training, mentoring & startup empowerment organisation.

An initiative to empower entrepreneurs through startup coaching, handholding, funding & connecting right people at right time.

A startup incubation & life transformation initiative.

We inspire “entrepreneurship”, mentor aspiring / budding early stage startups, help in funding, take them to next levels.

We motivate students to choose their passion, do what they love & handhold them in converting their passions into profits. 

Why Choose Us ?

We have been there, we have done that!

We have learned through our mistakes; seen people failing. We wanna share stories & create success stories.

We are community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, startup founders, enthusiasts & passionate people who dare to change the world.


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