“A founder is the Jockey & his idea is his horse”

“A founder is the Jockey & his idea is his horse”

It’s a myth or a misconception that investors invests on “Ideas”. Investors are rich people who love smart people! They fund to the brains, they invest on doers. Money is gambled on Jockeys, not horses ; as Jockeys drive horses, similarly, funds are invested on the founders as they are passionate, they drive it, they make it big. The passion and perseverance of founder is primary.Idea & its potential is secondary; as even if there is no potential for the idea, a passion of the founder can create it. The game is about the “Jockey” and not the ‘Horse’.
Vikrant Bhujbalrao,

Startup Mentor | Motivator | Investor | Author | Speaker | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur.

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